Delivering water to Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs since 1990

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A C Water Cartage supplies “food grade” drinking water for Tank refills, pool and spa fills, dams and stockwater.

Local delivery, family owned business for all your water needs. Residential water supply for Melbourne’s Nillumbik Shire and surrounding suburbs.


We deliver to you.

Experienced, fully insured drivers delivering residential drinking water to Nillumbik Shire and surrounding areas.

A C Water uses Yarra Valley filling stations

Our water tank trucks are hygienically clean to deliver your drinking water

A C Water Cartage supplies:

  • Domestic Drinking Water
  • Pool and spa water refills
  • Tank Water
  • Dams
  • Stockwater

A C Water Cartage has been supplying the Greenwedge area and beyond since 1990. Our prompt and reliable delivery ensures your family and livestock have clean water when you need it. Our equipment includes extra long hoses to reach most distances. Our drivers are very experienced and professional.

Avoid getting caught out!

Have you checked your tanks lately?

Remember if it has not rained for awhile, we will be flat out delivering water to everyone.

So avoid the stress and check your tanks regularly.