Bulk Water Supply for Construction Sites and Civil Work

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Water filled road barriers

A C Water supplies water for roadwork barriers. Call us for a quote.

Drinking Water for Events

A C Water supplies water for major entertainment events all over Melbourne. Water for drinking fountains, for portable toilets and other onsite amenities. Contact us for a free quote when organising your next big event.

We supply building sites across Melbourne
with Bulk Water

A C Water supplies water commercial and civil work.


A C Water can provide water for major projects, dust control on roads / dirt tracks / excavation works. We can fill water tanks at new development sites before the mains water is connected. We fill water road barriers for roadworks all over Melbourne.

Prompt and Reliable Service

A C Water – our equipment includes extra long hoses to reach most distances.
We have skilled and experienced owner-drivers so no delivery is too difficult.

We collect our water from Yarra Valley filling stations so you can rest assured that
the water delivered to you by A C Water Cartage is clean and hygienic.